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issho izakaya

Launched in July 2014, issho izakaya is the first drinking and dining establishment under Neo Group Limited, with an extensive menu of over 100 items created by Chef Takayuki Fukushima, where one can expect fresh ingredients and seasonal produce air-flown directly from Japan.



issho izakaya offers a Japanese inspired, yet contemporary ambience and gathering venue over great food and drinks. We also offer a choice of traditional tatami seating or sitting on tatami mats with low tables in the traditional table style or sitting by the sushi bar where our sashimi chef engages the customers in lively exchange of sake appreciation whilst preparing fresh sashimi platters.

issho izakaya also specialises in corporate events, providing best-in-class ambience and hospitality services; where prestige guests get to indulge in ingenious omakase menu and be entertained with signature fringe activity – sake bomb.

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